Filtered historical data

Guessing may be fatal in the forex trading. If you want to ultimately secure your investments and retain stable level of profit, it's impossible to disregard fundamental and technical analysis and also good advice from experts. At the same time there is no sense to trust your money to a trade system without total thorough testing it with a wide and full range of historical data. This is why reliable and error-free historical data are essential for an adequate technical analysis and a successful trade strategies verifying. Indeed testing may not seem so trustful if the data used are full of spikes and gaps (of course if you are lucky to see your testing finished and not aborted due to software errors in this case). So, a quality of historical data influence efficiency of your investments.

Being, on the whole, trading systems developers, we came to realize how essential are quality historical data for adequate testing and tuning of trading systems. As a result we gained practical experience in above said activities which let us make one of the biggest filtered forex currency quotes database. This database we successfully use to perform back-testing of our trading systems. Now we can present this prooved and reliable historical database for technical analysis enthusiasts who cares to make his own trading system to yield a stable profit. We present the intraday data for 21 currency pairs since 1986.

There are several key points that differentiate our historical data from a data proposed by many other online sources:

  • Data are aggregated from several different sources and filtered by sophisticated algorithms under professional human supervision. Therefore our data are free from many types of errata like spikes, gaps, noises and etc.
  • We present extremly large solid array of high frequency intraday bar data with 1 minute resolution. We cover twenty one curreny pairs since 1986 up to the time being. So it means that you can analyze the currency rates behavior more precisely and efficiently.
  • Our products is a very competitive and cost effective solution in comparison with others alternative high quality historical data provided by Olsen Data AG or CQG.

These outstanding features make the offered history more relevant for any kind of technical analysis than other online history sources, existing in internet.

A great deal of free historical data can not be compared to our product in quality and quality of presented information. Following pictures illustrate several critical places taken from two famous free sources of forex historical data. Upper picture corresponds to one of free data source, the bottom one corresponds to our historical data.


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